Mechanical Diggers Escala

Mechanical Diggers Escala

Mechanical Diggers Escala

  • PRODUCT Diggers
  • TYPE Mechanical




The mechanical spring diggers are composed of an optional hydraulic cylinder and work blade with shovel. It is a machine easy functionality that offers a perfect dug.

It is used to dig strains with little or abundant vegetation and trellised vines, from the second or third year.

It can be coupled both fixed and extensible cultivators or any other type or agricultural implement.


Different options:

  • With spring and fixed bar and without hydraulic cylinder

Digger with the spring and the fixed bar pressure regulation is feasible only from the same machine; the driver should get off the tractor and manually regulate the pressure of the digger.

This type of anchor fixed rod is recommended to be mounted on extensible cultivators because if there is an emergency can reverse the cultivator conjunction with the digger.

  • With spring and cylinder

Mechanical digger with hydraulic cylinder allows the folding machine in irrigated plantations, right at the end of each row, where are the irrigation pipe connections to avoid breaking them.

It also allows pressure to work in areas with hardness irregularities, from the tractor cab.

This digger is recommended to plantations where strains have been replanted as it retracts hydraulically from the tractor cab. This digger is versatile thanks to the hydraulic cylinder as it can be coupled to both fixed and extensible cultivators.

If we work with both diggers, one on each side of the cultivator, we have electro valves with electric control that allows us to wean right or left if replanted plants, entry into the row irrigation and folding of the independent machines one or the other.

With spring and fixed bar

With spring and cylinder