The SAHER dusters are adapted for the distribution of powder products, specially sulphur, to be used in treatments for any type of crops.

Our liftmounted sulphurater have an air injection system placed inside the tank, offering a product extraction in a proportional way during all the process. Adittionally, as the product never is in contact with the turbine, it avoids any fire risk.

With reference to our trailed duster E-800, it is made of two feed screw that distribute the product to the back outlets, thanks to a hydraulic motor run. Then, a large flow turbine distribute the product to the different faces.


According to official data from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Saher is the leading manufacturer with a highest number of duster registrations in the ROME (Official Register of Agricultural Machinery). The results have been repeated year after year, with Saher being always the leader in dusters in the Spanish market.

We are proud to be recognized and we are convinced that our success is thanks to the support of farmers who trust us and who evaluate our experience of more than 50 years producing spraying machinery.

Our success is the satisfaction of our customers